The Disobedient Stone

Connection #6 connect with people

Today, technology makes us think about how to prepare society for the changing lifestyle. The communication is dynamic in the virtual world. In this age, the information shift from private to transparent and life pace shift from slow to fast. In front of our screen, everything seems fast as speed of light and the dimension of time scale into zero.

Motion made

Connection #5 connect with movement

“motion made” workshop will purposefully apply human action when using, operating or making objects. Through practical assignments and experiments, the participants will be stimulated to use their bodies to jump, swing, move, balance, pull..., and use these forces to create products: furniture, objects or even installations. 


Connection #4 connect with nature

Through the material experiment and research of different types of animal skin, We can manipulate the characters of the skin while imitating it with all kinds of ‘pour’ material and explore different artisanal techniques. Working directly on the body with these created materials, the process encourage us to explore how to change the human silhouette into animalistic shapes.


Connection #3 connect with past

The design concept provides the reflection of the digital interaction and the technology that we use nowadays for the fast communication. Three different postcards give the narrative of the time journey of our message. The paper Tic-Tac-Toe game has to be completed during the sending process, it created the slow interaction between two people

Sound like your face

Connection #2 connect with people


People use social media nowadays, and we can make friends online just by browsing someone’s picture. The phenomena reflect the reality of social value; how we judge people by their appearances, and the second identity in the virtual world. What if now you couldn't see their appearance, but only use your voice as the start point? What will happen? or how do you maintain your self-image? 


Connection #1 connect with people


This bench was designed to show the personal space between two people according to interpersonal relationships, and was based on the three abstract concepts - physical distance, human behavior, and love. 



Born in Taipei, Taiwan

I am an interdisciplinary designer. My works have the quality of story affection with metaphor in philosophy. It contains my personal explanation and the observation of the society in my generation. The metaphor and narratives in my project usually reflect the contradictions of technology, nature and humanity. Design can build a bridge between people, culture and society, but also creates more conversations and reflections to us.


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