2015 workshop  #Material experiment #Design fiction #Film making 

The project was done by the workshop in Domaine de Boisbuchet, France. The field of the workshop related to fashion, material and zoology. Through the material experiment and research of different types of animal skin, We can manipulate the characters of the skin while imitating it with all kinds of ‘pour’ material and explore different artisanal techniques. Working directly on the body with these created materials, the process encourage us to explore how to change the human silhouette into animalistic shapes.

The main idea is trying to explore different materials to imitate the different under-sea creature or even create a new creature of science fiction. The inspiration was strongly connected with my personal background, I was born in Taiwan which is a beautiful island, and I always fascinated by the ocean and under-sea creature. The final present is a short film also the display of material, and it’s really fun to engage into the process of testing different material, such as rubber, plastic, fabric, nylon or stones.