The Disobedient Stone
2015  #User-centered research #Design interaction #Technology #Critical thinking #Slow design #Physical interface

Today, technology makes us think about how to prepare society for the changing lifestyle. The communication is dynamic in the virtual world. In this age, the information shift from private to transparent and life pace shift from slow to fast. In front of our screen, everything seems fast as speed of light and the dimension of time scale into zero.The aim of this project is to arouse people’s attention on the influence of technology, and enlarge our perception of socially ability. Explore the different ways for people to interact with others, moreover provide the reflection through different interactive process and experience. This is a project that recognises, magnifies, and comments on the negative impacts of smart technology on our daily usage. 

What is it ?

The Disobedient Stone is a playful and poetic interface which changes the colour message into sound. Each colour on a stone represents a different character and sound, forming a message through the different composition. Instead of touching the icons on the “smart” device, user can send the message through a symbolic gesture and tangible action. The slow process of decoding the message brings more emotional context back to the technology that we use nowadays, it challenges people to be more mindful and creative in message composition as they look for more meaningful words behind their conversation. The design is about the slow interaction for the reflection, and there will be a pace for some sense of calm and enjoyment of having time to expect and spend reflecting on a communication from your partner.

Interaction structure

The project tries to follow the underlying psychological principles layer by layer to explore different emotions in the user experience, the strategy tend to attract people’s attention and use a playful and fun interface to drive people and influence their behavior.